Can you add this site …?

Yes, but we don’t have infinite free time. Add the site in #site-requests. We will not respond, but we will look at it when we feel like adding new sites. Adding sites properly takes hours and we do it for free. Pinging developers will substantially decrease any chances of getting the site added. Adding the site yourself is the best way of getting it in the app.

Site is not loading in the app, what to do?

  • Try the pre-release
  • Check that it loads in the browser
  • Try VPN & different DNS (Try both app DNS AND phone wide DNS in that order)
  • Report it if all of the above has failed

Why is chromecasting not working?

If you can’t start casting it’s because the app doesn’t find you TV on your network. VPN/Firewalls/wrong network may cause this.

If the videos won’t load it’s likely either due to: The provider/video host simply not supporting casting (referer blocked), we can’t fix this. You are using a VPN, most video links are IP blocked meaning that casting will fail if you are connected to a VPN.

Trailers.to keeps begging for a subscription

Check their site, if they are asking for a subscription it means that it doesn’t exist on their site.

When is imdb/trakt sync coming?

No ETA, but it’s likely to come, by roughly that order.

I am getting this error in the player: …, what to do?

9 out of 10 times we can’t help, don’t report it, it’s an error with exoplayer. If the same error is shown for all videos on a provider/source then do report it, it probably means the provider or source itself is outdated.

Why is it buffering? I have great internet!

Because the server doesn’t have as great internet, we can’t fix, but you can:

  • Increase video cache
  • Try VPN (paradoxically it can speed up by improving routing)

This app doesn’t work on my TV!

If you are having issues navigating on your TV go to Settings > User interface > App layout > TV layout

If the issues persist after that report it

How does it work ?

Basically this app sends requests to different websites (also called sources or providers) to find movies, series and animes and display them in the app nicely

Edit on GitHub

If you see a mistake here, you can open a pull request