Using local extensions

It is possible to use extensions without using repositories. This can be useful when prototyping.

To install an extension locally:

1. Give Cloudstream storage permissions

if you’re using Android 11 or later you need to make sure that you Allow management of all files, not just media in the settings.

2. Start and close the app

If you’ve done everything correctly, you should now see a Cloudstream3 folder in your device’s files. Inside it there should be a plugins folder.

3. Download or compile extensions

You can now download (most likely from the builds branch of the repository of your choosing) or compile an extension. You should look for files ending with .cs3

4. Put your newly acquired .cs3 file in the Cloudstream3/plugins folder.

5. You should now see your extension working.

You can make sure by going to settings > extensions and clicking the bottom progress bar to show a list of all extensions (including the locally installed ones)

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